Extended Hours

Extended hours is now LIVE in Pendle.

Due to the volume of DNAs on a Saturday, here at the Yarnspinners, there is now a telephone number to an answerphone which will allow you to leave a message informing the service if they are unable to attend your appointment that day.  This number is to be used on a SATURDAY ONLY and only for patients wishing to cancel appointments on that day – there will be no call back to the patient for any other queries.  Any other cancellations must be done via their own surgery.

The number to give is 657574

Appointments available at:

  • Yarnspinners – Nelson, Reedyford Healthcare Ground Floor
  • Accrington PALS – Hyndburn Peel House First Floor
  • St Peter’s Centre – Burnley Group Practice Third Floor

The appointments are pre bookable with a GP or ANP – ROUTINE ONLY


Mon – Fri from 18:15 – 20:45

Sat from 9:45 – 16:15

Sun (111 ‘hubs’ only for Burnley and Hyndburn)



  • Referrals CANNOT be done – GPs and ANPs are unable to refer directly from the extended access service. 
  • Sick/ fit notes CANNOT be issued.
  • Blood tests CANNOT be done – but you can be referred into the Community Phlebotomy Service. 
  • Please do not use this service as an alternative to emergency appointments; it is for routine appointments out of normal working hours. 

If you would like to use the extended hours service, please contact the surgery on 01282 731731.