Practice Team

Practice Management

Janine Goff                                       Sarah Craig
Practice Manager                             Assistant Practice Manager

Joyce Saunders
Office Manager
Joanna Saunders                                                             
Business IT Manager                   

Practice Team

Our medical receptionists are here to help you. Please help them to help you. They are fully trained, but they do need your co-operation and patience. They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors.

Nicola Farrington – Data Analyst/ Cancer & safe guarding champion

Christine Edwards – Secretary

Tina Metcalfe – Prescriptions Supervisor

Sheila Hammond – Prescription Clerk/ reception

Vicky Butler – Prescription Clerk/ Reception

Natalie Heys – Prescription Clerk/ Reception

Emma Harper – Reception

Siobhan Lord – Reception

Charlotte Hibbs – Reception