How do I register?

If you wish to register, click on the links appropriate to you below, print them off and fill them in.  Once you have filled them them in, you can either bring them to the surgery or email them over to [email protected] (this email is for sending registration requests ONLY)

**Forms not filled in correctly may affect the time it takes to register so please fill in all parts where applicable & make sure you bring or attach the following;

  • Photo Identification ie. passport or drivers licence etc
  • Proof of current address ie. utility bill
  • Birth certificate for new babies or children with no passport.

Please also make sure you bring with you a list of medication you need if you are on any repeat medication. The registration process may take up to 2 weeks so please ensure you have adequate supply of your medication from your previous surgery. We will be unable to supply you with any medication until the registration has been processed. We need evidence of your medication i.e. last prescription, evidence from previous doctors or tablet boxes

1.  Registration Form – Form 1 to fill in 

2. Patient Questionnaire – ADULT 14 yrs + – Form 2 to fill in


2. Patient Questionnaire – CHILD < 14yrs – Form 2 to fill in

3. Patient access application forms – Form 3 to fill in

Online Services Patient leaflet

You are asked to fill out a medical questionnaire because it can take a considerable time for us to receive your medical records. Please make sure you fill this in as accurate as possible.