What is proxy access?

Giving another person access to your GP online services

Did you know that you can choose to give another person access to your online services on your behalf? You don’t need to know how to use these services or have a computer yourself to give another person access.

How to sign up

The steps below show how you can give another person access:

  1. 'Please collect a form to fill in or click on the links below. You and your chosen person will need to sign the form and you need to confirm you agree with the information on the form.
  2. Both parties will need to produce a copy of their photo ID and proof of address, for example, a passport or photo driving licence and a bank statement or council tax statement. If they don’t have the required ID, speak to staff at the surgery, who may be able to help confirm their identity in another way
  3. Staff at the Practice will make a decision on whether to give your chosen person access to your GP online services. If we decide not to give them access, we will discuss those reasons with you
  4. The staff will give your chosen person their username and password to use to login to your GP online services.

Find out all about proxy access here https://support.patientaccess.com/proxy/what-is-proxy-access

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